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How to Allow Access to Your Microphone in Chrome?

ClickAnimate let's you record your own audio as an effect. 

1. Select an element in your page where you want to add the audio effect

2. In ClickAnimate select the Audio tab

3. Click Enable Microphone

4. Select Allow when prompted

If the access is Blocked, simply follow these steps to allow access to your mic in the Chrome browser:

1. In Chrome, click the menu icon on the the toolbar

2. Select Settings

3. Click Advanced to show more options.

4. Scroll down and look for the “Privacy and security” section,  and click Content settings.

5. Select Microphone

6. Find your site in the Block section and click the trash icon to delete it

7. In ClickAnimate select the Audio tab and click "Enable Microphone"

8.  Click "Allow" when prompted

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